The 3 best diets to lose weight in 2018

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The 3 best diets to lose weight in 2018

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How to lose weight is one of the most frequent searches on Google around the world. And eat healthy to fight obesity and lose weight, become the goal of more people every day. To avoid falling into one of the dangerous miracle diets, take note of the three healthiest diets to lose weight by 2018: the dash diet, the Mediterranean diet, and the flexitarian diet.

Mediterranean diet: at the top of the ranking

Among the top-ranked diets, the Mediterranean diet is first and next to it, a second, the Dash diet.

The Mediterranean diet proposes a balanced meal plan that enhances longevity and helps prevent chronic diseases with the intake of vegetables, fruits, olive oil, red wine, fish (at least twice a week), eggs, dairy products low in fat in moderation, whole grains, grains and legumes and lean proteins such as chicken meat, turkey and a reduced intake of red meat.

In addition, it has the advantage that it is perfect at a nutritional level due to its diversity of ingredients and flavors and is ideal for weight loss and to prevent cardiovascular diseases and other chronic ailments since it restricts fats, red meat, sugar and saturated fats.

Dash diet: that’s how it works!

Like the Mediterranean diet, the Dash diet also prioritizes the intake of fruits (from 4 to 5), vegetables (from 4 to 5), cereals (from 6-8 servings), lean proteins such as lean meats (chicken, turkey …) and fish (less than 6 servings a week), nuts and legumes (4 or 5 servings a week) and low-fat dairy products, oils (2 to 3 servings, tablespoons per day) and a total intake of 2000 calories per day.

But above all, if there is something to review about this diet, it limits foods rich in salt, in saturated fats, in tropical oils, sugary and sweet drinks (less than five times a week). In addition, the dash diet is rich in fiber, minerals, and proteins and includes at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity physical exercise at least three times a week.

Flexitarian diet: meat, fish, and eggs for occasional consumption

In the third place of the ranking, there is a Flexitarian diet that is based on the fact that you can feed on vegetables every day but eat fish, eggs, and dairy occasionally. It has many advantages in the sense that you put the restrictions yourself to not eliminate all animal products in one fell swoop.

If you travel or have enough social life it is practical to be flexitarian, since you can eat what you want at any time and it makes you live in a more relaxed way than if you were vegan. “The fact of knowing that you put the restrictions yourself, is something that works very well with my clients because they feel less anxiety and get better results than eliminating all animal products in one fell swoop”, says Silvia Riolobos, an expert in flexitarian nutrition.

What a flexitarian woman eats is mainly green leafy vegetables, legumes, sprouts, vegetables, seeds and first cold pressure oils. And of course, eliminates the intake of red meat and are restricted in menus to occasional consumption lean meats such as turkey and chicken, kefir, goat cheese, eggs, small and white bluefish and to do so, try to be always ecological.