Ways that alcohol affects your health

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Ways that alcohol affects your health

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Most of the people who take alcohol are aware of the risks it poses to their health. The organ that is affected the most by alcohol is the liver. But it might surprise you to know that not only the liver suffers when too much alcohol is consumed. In this article, we are going to be looking at several ways that alcohol affects the body system.

When alcohol is taking in moderation, the body is likely going to benefit from it, but when it is taken in large quantities it can cause a lot of problems for the body.

  1. Drinking over labors your body.

The moment you consume alcohol, your body starts processing it, while ignoring other important functions. The body stores fats, carbohydrates, and other minerals, but it does not have a way to store alcohol, so that is the reason why the body process it first before any other nutrient. Your liver has the back-breaking task of removing and detoxifying all the alcohol in your blood. If you make drinking large volumes of alcohol a regular habit, there is going to be a time when your liver can no longer detoxify your blood as well as it used to and this will ultimately lead to a very serious health condition.

  1. Bacterial growth

Consumption of larger volumes of alcohol can cause bacterial that are in your gut to migrate slowly through the walls of your intestine and into your liver. These bacteria can cause serious damage to the liver. When the liver is damaged, it likely will not be able to detoxify the blood. When this happens a liver transplant might be required.

  1. The heart

Another organ that is affected by alcohol is the heart. You see, when you take too much alcohol regularly, your heart is going grow weaker and weaker and will start to beat in an irregular pattern. When this occurs, the risk of you developing a high blood pressure will become very high.

  1. Cancer

Some studies have linked alcohol to various kinds of cancer. To avoid this fate, you have to reduce the quantity of alcohol you consume.

  1. Development of pancreatitis

Abuse of alcohol can also lead to the inflammation of the pancreas.

  1. The immune system

If you make the drinking of alcohol a daily habit, you will be more susceptible to illness. The reason why is that, alcohol weakens the immune system and make your body more prone to infections.